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Hubzilla is a general purpose communication server integrated with a web publishing system and a decentralised permission system. If this sounds like a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo to you, just think of it as an independent platform for sharing stuff online (publicly or privately). Hubzilla contains some social network bits, some cloud storage bits, some blog and forum bits, and some content management bits. These are all integrated within a common privacy framework – and it is all decentralised. Everything you publish or share can be restricted to those channels and people you wish to share them with; and these permissions work completely invisibly – even with channels on different servers or other communications services. Migration and live backups of your connections, settings, and everything you publish are built-in, so you never need worry about server failure. Hubzilla is completely decentralised and open source, for you modify or adapt to your needs and desires. Plugins, themes, and numerous configuration options extend the overall capabilities to do anything you can imagine. The Hubzilla community consists of passionate volunteers creating an open source commons of decentralised services which are highly integrated and can rival the feature set of large centralised providers. We do our best to provide ethical software which places you in control of your online communications and privacy expectations.


So in their Privacy Policy they explain their usage of google maps, twitter and vimeo and these are trade-based, however they also explain you how to deactivate or avoid these:


Hubzilla is interesting, as it seems like a complete package of many things, like messaging, sharing files and photos, calendar etc. – I couldn’t spot any ads, nor trackers and I don’t know about the cloud storage, but it says nothing so it might be unlimited? Have to investigate a bit more on that but I give Hubzilla 5/5 blocks for now.

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