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SSuite Office is the foremost provider of Free quality office software on the internet today… We are there for anyone that needs excellent and professional free software that actually works without any hassles. Even the first time computer-user as well as the more experienced computer-user can find the best free software applications here with us.


W.A.I.T.? – What Am I Trading? They say “There are No trial versions – No recurring subscription fees – No registration is necessary. Our software contains No third-party add-ons, toolbars, installers, or software distributions.” ( which is a good sign. However I found a few online services like SSuite-Basic-Math or are linked to google ( and google collects your data. In their they promote financial news which are all about trades:

They also do have a shop where they sell T-Shirts and other things:

However they seem to be nice people and offer genuinely free software.

I’d give them 3 blocks because of their shop and the promotion of financial news which are connected to websites that collect data.

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