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Curating wonderful science materials for humans and providing them in a decentralized manner. From courses to documentaries or movies. All, science based. All, hand curated. All, accessed by anyone with an internet connection.


That tracker is removed, so VideoNeat is 100% trade-free.


The website has as a light “tracker” or possible not even tracker. I made VideoNeat but I am not sure how to remove that. it is not intentional. It must come from the theme we use or some plugin.


5/5 for VideoNeat – always worth it to watch amazing, interesting and investigative documentaries, movies or courses.


The materials are available in a decentralized manner and the website does not have any trackers/ads built into it. VideoNeat wants/asks nothing from its users. It simply provides them with a hand curated list of video materials that are scientific in nature.

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