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All files are supported, there is no file type restriction. Features unlimited retention, as they do not delete any files unless you ask to or they violate the terms of service. Reasonable file size limits, the web interface supports file sizes up to 200 MB and their API 100 MB. No compression, all files are served exactly how they are provided — this is known as “MD5 perfect”. Fast access for all files which are served with a multi-regional CDN (content delivery network) which ensures fast access from all over the world. You receive the direct link for every file in every case. Your files are stored encrypted on cloud in an Amazon AWS S3 bucket — without Amazon being able to read the files. Truly free.

Rated 4.0 out of 5

Seems to be trade-free, because they seem to not want anything for their service. No data collection, no ads. There are certain limits like the file sizes and they have some terms: – but I’d consider them as micro-trades. So I’d give 4/5 blocks.

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