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List of cities that currently provide all or some of its public transport for free.


Many cities provide transportation for “free” with a lot trade-offs:

– “In order to ride for free a small fee has to be paid for a bus card. It is necessary to prove Kiruna citizenship when acquiring the card.” (

– “Senior Citizens, age 65 and older, with a valid ID, ride FREE at all times on all Transit Routes…” (

– “For foreign residents who have lived there for at least 10 years, transportation is also free.” (

– “Residents need to produce certificate of Empadronamiento (Padron) and either passport or Resident’s Card/Certification. (…) With the new smart card system, (…) resident’s need to pay for the smart card.” (

But on the other hand, some also seem to be completely trade-free:

– “The town of Hallstahammar has 15.000 inhabitants and three bus lines which are all free of charge.” (

– “Since 1 January 2007, buses within Torshavn have been completely free of charge to the public.” (

– “All buses are free for everyone on the Danish island Ærø.” (

The website also uses google maps which will probably collect data about the users. So based on that I was struggling with giving them either 1 or 2 blocks.

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