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GeoGebra is an interactive mathematics software program for learning and teaching mathematics and science from primary school up to university level. Constructions can be made with points, vectors, segments, lines, polygons, conic sections, inequalities, implicit polynomials and functions. All of them can be changed dynamically afterwards. Elements can be entered and modified directly via mouse and touch, or through the Input Bar. GeoGebra has the ability to use variables for numbers, vectors and points, find derivatives and integrals of functions and has a full complement of commands like Root or Extremum. Teachers and students can use GeoGebra to make conjectures and to understand how to prove geometric theorems.


What a cool trade-free software. Trade-free, because it doesn’t want anything from you like data, attention (ads) or currency. And cool, because of the many features it provides. I remember even my teacher in school showed us that program. However, on the website, google analytics is used, which, of course, collects data about the visitors. That’s why I give 4/5 blocks.

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