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Framasoft is a popular education social network created in November 2001 by Alexis Kauffmann, Paul Lunetta, and Georges Silva. Since 2014, it is supported by a nonprofit organization of the same name based in Lyon, France. Mainly focused on free software valorisation, it is divided into three main branches of activities based upon a collaborative model: promotion, dissemination and development of free software, and enrichment of the free culture movement and online services. As a space for orientation, informations, news, exchange, and projects, Framasoft is one of the main French language portals to the free and open-source culture. Its community regularly brings resources and assistance to people who would like to get started with free software. They also accompany people wishing to replace their proprietary software with open-source solutions at any step of the migration from proprietary to free software, such as Microsoft Windows to GNU/Linux. The entire Framasoft production is provided under Free license in order to promote participation and guarantee that everyone can benefit from it, without any appropriation whatsoever. Framasoft Free mentions is a corporate and non-profit third party.

Rated 4.0 out of 5

I would give it a 4 because of their shop that pushes trades – wants people to buy stuff from them. The language is a limitation I’d say, and not an intentional thing. Same can be said about any good/service that doesn’t come in all languages :).

Rated 3.0 out of 5

No trackers, no ads and a huge amount of trade-free tools provided by framasoft. 2 red flags might be some trade-based goods/services they offer, like their shop ( and the 2nd is the language trade, since you need to understand french for many parts of the website. Of course, the more volunteers translate into other languages the less trade is involved, since these tools are then available for people who speak other languages.

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