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GoodDollar UBI

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GoodDollar: A Distributed Basic Income GoodDollar is a protocol to grow and scale a global basic income through leveraging new digital asset technologies. User Experience and Value Flow The GoodDollar economy revolves around two primary user types: Claimers and Supporters. Claimers are individuals that claim a daily basic income in the form of G$ coins. Their unique identity must be verified. Supporters are individuals or institutions that believe in basic income and bottom-up growth and fund the supply of G$ coins through staking their capital to support the GoodDollar economy. They do this through committing and locking funds (“staking”) to various permissionless third-party yield-bearing protocols and mechanisms. Every day, a number of G$ coins are minted and distributed as basic income to Claimers. The value in the GoodDollar reserve comes from the interest that is generated from Supporters who stake cryptocurrencies in decentralized third- party protocols. Through the amassed reserve interest, G$ coins are minted. They are used to pay Supporters market-rate interest payments, while a daily amount of G$ coins is set aside to be distributed as basic income. Over time, more G$ coins are minted relative to GoodDollar’s Reserve. The system is built to accommodate scale, whereby the value and utility of the G$ coin to its holders increases as more people and merchants join the GoodDollar network.


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