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A platform that people can use to host travelers, find couchsurfing hosts, and meet like-minded people. Trustroots is being built by a small team of activists who felt that the world of sharing is being taken over by corporations trying to monetize people’s willingness to help each other.

4.0 rating
May 22, 2020

I just joined that platform to check it out and I like it and I have access to hosts all around the world. However I noticed the website uses google-analytics, which means they collect some data… thus they are not trade-free. But they point to that in their privacy page and explain how to opt out of analytics tracking ( As a side node they also promote their page on trade-based websites like facebook, instagram or twitter as you can see here or here: – but all in all they seem to be honest and don’t want to make a profit out of their users.

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