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Sandstorm is on a mission to make open source and indie web applications viable as an ecosystem. Sandstorm enables non-technical end users to install and run arbitrary software on servers they control. Apps may be downloaded from an app store and installed with one click, like installing apps on your phone. Each app runs in a secure sandbox, where it cannot interfere with other apps without permission. Installing apps on Sandstorm is as easy as installing apps on your phone. Find any app you want on the App Market and start using it with a few clicks. Every app comes with automatic updates. All your apps and data in one place, with consistent access control. Sandstorm keeps a list so you can find everything you create. Sandstorm’s unified access control system covers data from every app, and everything is private to you by default.


No trackers and no ads. Sandstorm doesn’t want anything. I can just download it and install it on my server.

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