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We are an initiative that is committed to combating food waste. We “save” unwanted and overproduced food in private households and from small and large businesses. In addition, we see ourselves as an educational policy movement and are committed to sustainable environmental and consumption goals. Among other things, we advocate a ban on disposable products and against the supermarkets’ packaging madness. With these and other topics we are present at events or in the media and start our own campaigns. The organisation of our foodsharing community and our activities is primarily conducted via the online platform foodsharing. This is where the food savers* in the individual cities and regions network and coordinate their activities. Supra-regional topics, events and information are published via the platform. Our foodsharing initiative was launched in Berlin in 2012. In the meantime it has grown into an international movement with over 200,000 registered users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries. The members of the foodsharing community work voluntarily and without remuneration. The foodsharing initiative is and remains free, non-commercial, independent and free of advertising. We want to make the platform open source and more easily accessible worldwide – just as the foodsharing concept of food saving already is.


They get the trade-free concept very well, as their very first principle is:

“Food and other surplus goods may only be passed on free of charge, without any service in return.” (

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