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BeWelcome is a hospitality exchange network. Every member of the network has a profile. Members can search for other members at their travel destination, check out their profiles and send them a message or accommodation request. Most members of BeWelcome offer hospitality to travellers and/or can show them around. BeWelcome is a project of the French non-profit association “BeVolunteer”.


They seem to not ask any trades from the users. No ads injected into their website, no data collection for making a profit off of it, or asking any currencies in return for this website’s service. I never used this service but that’s from what i could dig about them. Here’s what Wikipedia says about them:

“BeWelcome is a social networking service accessible via a website used to arrange homestays and hospitality. The platform is a gift economy; hosts are not allowed to charge for lodging.

BeWelcome is operated by BeVolunteer, a nonprofit organization organized as a voluntary association registered in Rennes, Brittany, France, which is composed solely of volunteers. The software behind the website, the BW-rox platform, is free and open-source software.”

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