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bauh ( ba-oo ) is a graphical user interface to manage your Linux applications ( packages ) ( old fpakman ). It currently supports Flatpak, Snap and AUR packaging types. When you launch bauh you will see a management panel where you can search, update, install, uninstall and launch applications. You can also downgrade some applications depending on the package technology. It has a tray mode (see Settings below) that attaches the application icon to the system tray providing a quick way to launch it. Also the icon will get red when updates are available.


W.A.I.T. – What Am I Trading? The application allows for easy installation of various other packages and one of them, snap, collects data. That, if you specifically install the snapd package (it is not installed by default in TROM-Jaro). It also seem that they promote trade-based apps on their home page.

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