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Gratix is free-cycle app designed to gift and receive gifts with a geolocalizer that rewards gifting and inviting people to the platform by enabling them to place a demand (ask for something) and receive more gifts. In that sense it is not 100% trade-free because taking non-urgent gifts requires spending points. It allows creating groups and choosing which groups we make our gifts to.


I suggest that services that are not in English to be rejected since we cannot, for now, have the manpower to check them. It is a limitation that we should accept for now. In the future, if more people will help to manage this directory in multiple languages, we can create copycats in different languages. The trade-free idea is quite new and many people do not understand it, thus I would suggest we keep on managing the directory for now, and then in time let it be more user-driven.


Since I don’t know spanish, I only can judge based on the description. It seems to me that you need to register an account and provide your location in order for the app to work (but that’s necessary as I understand). So that’s okay, but what seems a bit sketchy is the points system. You need to spend points to take non-urgent gifts? Do I get that right? If so, then points, vouchers, food stamps – these are all forms of trade (i need to give this in order to receive that). Not good.

I would like to clarify that and listen to what others say, before I would suggest to put it in the rejected category. Maybe I understand something wrong. So I give 2/5 blocks for now based on a uncertain understanding. But don’t get me wrong. An app for gifting stuff is a great idea.

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