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Free education and different ways of working either on our own or together. Learning individually and together. And then switching between the two. Teacher and student. Remaining flexible. Gaining a higher average insight to life and it’s many subjects not just from one field of research / teaching / learning. Finding different the various techniques in life. I considered the direct / well-researched ways of learning… or ‘hard and fast’ / monotonous learning from can be more obvious and less frustrating, however a little unreal in terms of reality and touching things. Finding and becoming a good student, not just from a teacher or book! On the other side becoming a good teacher also from your students. Working for one’s self and the next generation at the same time as teaching… so not just teaching what a text book says but living and showing how the future can be and maybe more options. Many types of Free School’s may have come and gone in some form (since about 1960’s as far as I can see now) but perhaps now (in the present day) it’s more possible to capture and present data (although using technology and language I still think we are using more energy than using well or saving via knowledge)…


This seems to be like a more personal blog kind of website and they also promote/talk about some trade-based projects like wwoofing (, DuckDuckGo and Pixabay ( and also advertise some jobs (

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