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Computers for Socially Impaired

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Drustvo Duh casa (Slovenian Zeitgeist Society) is conducting activity of collecting used computers and equipment, refurbishing, installing operating system (Linux) and giving the final product (fully working computer with all the peripherals) to socially impaired people, students, retirees, refugees and NGO’s for free. Final recipients also recieve full technical support and optional repairs/replacement in case of faults, also completely free of charge. The activity is called Racunalniki za socialno ogrozene (Computers for Socially Impaired) and it works on national level all across Slovenia and also abroad, when the oportunity arises. The organization also offers training in the use of the operating system and installed open source applications.


Although this seems to be a trade-free service and there are some organizations in this trade-free directory that also provide humanitarian help in some other countries, there are 2 issues with this service.

The website is not in english – we cannot accept every such service since this is a directory for goods/services in english and the website is not:

They use google-analytics on their website. This is a red flag, as Google clearly is a huge data collection entity which uses that data for profit purposes.

Because of these reasons this service will be in the “rejected” category, but it can be discussed further.

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