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Why HTML, JSON, XML, and text interfaces – HTTPS/SSL support – IPv6 support – No fucking advertisements – No fucking analytics – No fucking first-party cookies – No fucking third-party cookies – Tor exit node notification – Reasonable fucking rate limiting – We don’t fucking use CloudFlare – We never fucking will – We don’t make any money from running this fucking website, since we don’t allow ads or trackers.

Rated 5 out of 5

What a cool website with a great privacy policy: “At, we care about your fucking privacy. When you use, we perform a reverse DNS lookup of your IP address to display to you. Local databases are used to obtain all other information we display to you. We do not use any tracking cookies, third-party analytics, nor do we sell advertisements. We provide this solely as a free service for the community.” ( No trackers, no ads, no bullshit – instead trade-fucking-free 😉

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