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Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities. It differs from Wikipedia in that it offers tutorials and other materials for the fostering of learning, rather than an encyclopedia; like Wikipedia it is available in many languages. One element of Wikiversity is a set of WikiJournals which publish peer-reviewed articles in a stable, indexed, and citable, format comparable with academic journals; these can be copied to Wikipedia, and are sometimes based on Wikipedia articles.


There seem to be some restrictions if you do not create an account for wikiversity, like “If you are not logged in, there are limited selections available under “Tools” menu to the left. If you are logged in, an additional selection appears, “Upload file.” When you are logged in, you can upload a file to Wikiversity. If not logged in, you cannot upload.” + “If you are not logged in, you cannot “thank” or be “thanked.” + “If you are not logged in, the number of new pages you may create is limited. If you are logged in and your account is autoconfirmed, this restriction is lifted.” (source: Because of that I’d give 3/5 blocks.

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