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Bringing back the “Don’t” in “Don’t be evil”. ungoogled-chromium is Google Chromium, sans integration with Google. It also features some tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency (almost all of which require manual activation or enabling). ungoogled-chromium retains the default Chromium experience as closely as possible. Unlike other Chromium forks that have their own visions of a web browser, ungoogled-chromium is essentially a drop-in replacement for Chromium. ungoogled-chromium features tweaks to enhance privacy, control, and transparency. However, almost all of these features must be manually activated or enabled. For more details, see Feature Overview. In scenarios where the objectives conflict, the objective of higher significance should take precedence.

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Google Chrome that’s trade free. As simple as that. Even more trade-free than the open source Chromium.

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