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Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit organization that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Central Med. In the presence of the humanitarian crisis, Sea-Watch provides emergency relief capacities, demands and pushes for rescue operations by the european institutions and stands up publicly for legal escape routes. Since a political solution in the sense of a #SafePassage is not on the horizon, we have expanded our field of operation and made new plans. We are politically and religiously independent and are financed solely through donations.


They are saving lives and ask nothing in return for that. It’s not that they say to the ones they rescued that they owe them a lot of money, since they saved their lives. No! They do it for the sake of helping people and not for getting something out of that. They rely on donations and volunteers, but unfortunately they also have a shop where they sell some stuff… (

So I’d give them 5/5 blocks for their trade-free life saving engagement, but I have to deduct at least 1 block, because of their shop.

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