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In the Pocket Science Lab Project we create phone and desktop applications to collect measurements and data to solve global problems with science and build a sustainable world. With the PSLab mobile and desktop apps it is possible to use sensors of a phone or desktop PC to collect measurements and data. The app comes with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source, and we are constantly adding more digital instruments or even robotic controls. With PSLab applications your phone or PC becomes like many devices in one. Adding widely available Open Standards sensors and the PSLab board you are able extend your device to be a complete lab in the pocket. You can collect air data, temperature, water quality, the level of radioactivity and anything you could imagine. Once you are ready you can share the data, draw scientific conclusions, and start to take action to change the world around you to be more sustainable. And as a developer you are able to create your own plugins and front-ends to integrate the PSLab science libraries into other solutions.


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