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Pepper&Carrot is an open source webcomic series by French artist David Revoy. The series consists of small episodes about teenage witch Pepper and her cat Carrot. With its translations into 28 different languages and violence free stories it aims to be accessible for everyone.


David Revoy creates the series entirely with free software, such as Krita and Inkscape, making the Krita source files for each image available for download. All artwork is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. He explicitly encourages fanart and other derivative works.

They sell books which is kind of a tradeoff, but its more like a way to support the artist. Because the digital copies are free, anyone can read or print the book by themselves. On their shop where they sell their books they give you 3 options – soft cover, hard cover, or download it as a PDF. You can see they sell it as a PDF while you can already get that for free, it shows that its more like a donation to support the artist.

But I’d only give it 3 blocks cause they sell other stuff too, like t-shirts, stickers etc.


Their digital stuff seems to be trade-free, but of course they sell stuff like tshirts, stickers, comic books. However, since you can still read the comic books online and download their artwork, then I would give them 2 blocks.


I would give 3 blocks, since they indeed offer their comics as trade-free, however they also link to a shop, facebook and twitter page (trade-based networks). And the ad to their shop is quite “in your face”:

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