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Kiwix is an offline reader – meaning that it allows you to browse text or video that is normally only available on the internet. We turn various online contents (such as Wikipedia, for example) into ZIM files, and these can be opened by Kiwix even if you have no connectivity. Our technology’s main advantage is its high compression rate. For instance, the entirety of Wikipedia (more than 6 million articles, with images) can fit in 80Gb. The Gutenberg Library’s 60,000 books will fit on 60 Gb of storage space.


trade free, no ads, no tracker, database regularly updated, vast expanding database


Kiwix can be considered as 100% trade-free, because of the following: “Kiwix is a registered not-for-profit entity. We do not collect user data, nor do we put ads anywhere. Kiwix is entirely free and open-source, meaning that you can share and distribute it without having to ask for our permission (do drop us a note as a courtesy so we know where our users are; pictures are awesome too).” ( 5/5 blocks for that!

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