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GrapheneOS is an Android-based, security-hardened, privacy focused, free and open-source, mobile operating system for selected smartphones. It was known as Android Hardening until March 2019, and is focused on privacy and security. It is compatible with several Google Pixel smartphones.


Graphene OS comes preinstalled with the browser Vanadium which uses duckduckgo as the default search engine. Since duckduckgo is not trade-free, as they show ads in their search results, I will give only 4 blocks.


I didn’t test Graphene OS, but from what they write it seems a trade-free operating system for phones. “GrapheneOS improves the privacy and security of the OS from the bottom up. It has a hardened kernel, libc, malloc and compiler toolchain with many low-level improvements. These changes are designed to eliminate whole classes of serious vulnerabilities or provide meaningful barriers to exploitation. We avoid making changes without a clear rationale and we regularly work towards simplifying and replacing these low-level improvements.” ( to me they seem to completely get rid of google and provide an operating system that does not want to exploit its users for the sake of trade. The website does not have trackers and ads neither. Because of that I give them 5/5. Of course I could be wrong, so if you find any trades, let us all know here.

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