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Dentists for Africa is a humanitarian aid organization that strengthens and promotes the local population in Kenya with social and dental projects.


The organization ensures with its statutes that non-profit objectives are pursued. This can be read here:

§ 3 Non-Profit

– The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code.

– The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

– Funds of the association may only be used for purposes in accordance with the statutes. The members of the association do not receive any benefits from the association’s funds. Exceptions are contained in § 20 of these statutes. No person may be favored by expenditures, which are foreign to the purposes of the association or by disproportionately high remunerations.

5/5 blocks for this service.

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