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about: is a non-profit and free platform, built by volunteers and responsible to the couch surfing community, instead of investors. Formed after Couchsurfing™ put up its paywall in 2020, our goal is to reclaim couch surfing by creating a complete alternative, with all your favourite features.


They understand very well how trade is going to ruin things, like it happened with couchsurfing.

They have a strong focus against trade:

“Profit will not be extracted from our organization, platform or community by any individual or organization. All funds, efforts, and decisions will be directed towards the mission.


Couch surfing provides social and societal value, not monetary value, as it is based on genuine connections between people. It is impossible to extract this value as profit without introducing conflicting incentives between the organization and the community. To sustainably deliver on our mission, we must be non-profit.” (

5/5 blocks for that project/the service they are offering!

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