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Nutrition International, formerly the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), is an international not for profit agency based in Canada that works to eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing countries. Although often only required by the body in very small amounts, vitamin and minerals – also known as micronutrients – support an array of critical biological functions including growth, immune function and eye function, as well as foetal development of the brain, the nervous system, and the skeletal system. Micronutrient deficiency is a form of malnutrition and is a recognized health problem in many developing countries. Globally, more than two billion people live with vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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“The organization advocates for, and provides funding and technical assistance for salt iodisation, the distribution of multi-micronutrient powders, the fortification of staple foods such as wheat flour with vitamin A, iron and folic acid, and dietary supplementation with vitamin A, iron, zinc and folic acid. Since 1997, with funding support from the Government of Canada, Nutrition International has provided more than eight billion doses of vitamin A for use by UNICEF and national governments.” ( – they probably provide these in a trade-free manner.

Negativ: Sie werben auf ihrer Website für handelsbasierte Netzwerke wie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

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