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Das Malaria Consortium ist eine internationale gemeinnützige Organisation, die sich auf die umfassende Bekämpfung von Malaria und anderen übertragbaren Krankheiten spezialisiert hat - insbesondere von Kindern unter fünf Jahren.

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4.0 Bewertung
26. Mai 2020

4 blocks because of the few trackers they have on their website.

5.0 Bewertung
26. Mai 2020

“Our mission is to improve lives in Africa and Asia through sustainable, evidence-based programmes that combat targeted diseases and promote child and maternal health.” ( – they seem to provide trade-free healthcare for people in africa and asia. It’s difficult to judge these organizations, since you don’t know how they work. Maybe to rely on donations could be a characteristic which indicates that these organizations provide trade-free services, because that enables them to do that and usually they have honest intentions to help people and don’t want to get something from them. Furthermore, these organizations mostly operate in poor tribes in africa, south america or asia, so they kinda have to be trade-free, since the people they’re helping are amongst the poorest and can’t afford any healthcare. And I assume that the data these humanitarian aid organizations collect from the people is for medical purposes and not to make a profit out of them. So based on that I’d give these organizations 5/5 blocks

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