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Beaker Browser is a free and open-source web browser currently in development by Blue Link Labs. Beaker Browser peer-to-peer technology allows users to self-publish websites and web apps directly from the browser, without the need to set up and administrate a separate web server or host their content on a third-party server. All files and websites are transferred using Dat, a hypermedia peer-to-peer protocol which allows files to be shared and hosted by several users. The browser also supports the HTTP protocol to connect to traditional servers. Beaker Browser is built using the Electron framework and therefore uses the Chromium browser as a renderer for webpages.

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4.0 Bewertung
21. Mai 2020

Ein Browser mit einigen sehr interessanten Tools, der scheinbar handelsfrei ist. Ich könnte jedoch 2 Probleme finden, die als rote Fahnen betrachtet werden können:
1. In den Einstellungen (Becher: // Einstellungen / # Allgemein) sind die Analysen standardmäßig aktiviert. Dies bedeutet, dass einige Informationen einmal pro Woche gesendet werden, z.
- Eine anonyme ID
- Ihre Becherversion, z. 0.8.10
- Ihr Betriebssystem, z. Windows 10
2. they use duckduckgo as the default search enginge ( and I didn’t figure out a way how to change that.
Although I won’t consider the first point as a trade, because it seems like the data is anonymized and required to make technical improvements, I’d withdraw 1 block because of the 2nd point. So 4/5 blocks.

5.0 Bewertung
19. Mai 2020

They do not seem to collect data, inject ads, or anything like that. They offer what they say they offer. Simple and trade-free.

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