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Cea mai cuprinzătoare și integrată suită de software pentru întreprinderi Free / Libre / Open Source, WikiSuite este potrivită în special organizațiilor axate pe cunoaștere și oferă cele mai multe (80% +) dintre caracteristicile de gestionare a datelor și informațiilor de care au nevoie toate organizațiile.


I’m a bit confused, but as far as I understand is Wikisuite a bunch of free and open-source software applications and you have the choice to use what you need (https://wikisuite.org/faq#Is_WikiSuite_just_a_list_of_software_). On one hand it also seems that these different software applications are especially for ClearOS, but on the other hand you find them individually here (since they’re all FOSS): https://wikisuite.org/Source-Code. So maybe I’m confusing something haha. Anyways, the website has a facebook tracker and links to some trade-based networks, but the official link to github links to the software and the software seem to be trade-free, that’s why I give 5/5.

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